Revitalization of greenery in central urban areas

Green infrastructure belongs to basic components of the residential and landscape structure, its positive impact on the state and quality of the environment is especially known. Greenery and biodiversity in the urban environment provide several positive functions. For example, they affect climate regulation, reduce noise and dust, provide protection and support for biodiversity, contribute to adaptation to climate change and have a recreational and educational function for the town's inhabitants.

This measure will achieve:

  • improving the state of biodiversity in the town,
  • the environment cools down,
  • capture of solid pollutants and allergens in the air,
  • damping of airflow, temperature differences, sunlight by shading the area,
  • support and retention of air humidity,
  • noise reduction,
  • planting trees near buildings reduce airflow and thus contribute to reducing heat loss in buildings in winter.


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